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Sauder Electric Ltd.


In order to do the job right, you have to have the right tools. Sauder Electric Ltd. offers electrical service in the air and under the ground using bucket trucks and trenchers.

Underground Wiring

If you need underground wiring to your house, business or barn, Sauder Electric Ltd. can handle the job. In fact, we are pleased to assist you with all types of trenching work. It’s important to note that our trencher will not destroy your lawn. Instead, this highly effective machine will cut a 4-6” wide trench into the ground, creating the necessary space for wiring. There is absolutely no need to dig up your entire lawn.

Aerial Service

Sauder Electric Ltd. will go to great heights to ensure your satisfaction. With that in mind, we offer bucket truck / aerial electrical services to handle the following types of jobs:

  • Repair yard lights on poles

  • Overhead wiring repairs

  • Parking lot lighting

  • Sign repairs (retail customers / malls)

Schedule trenching or aerial truck service today! Our skilled operators are standing by to assist you.

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